I believe that humanity is at a turning point in its history, a decisive moment, when the ecological, economic, social and political problems facing humanity amount to a profound systemic crisis. This crisis is illustrated and made concrete by the facts regarding issues like climate change, ecological destruction/species extinction, imperialism/endless war, alienation leading to horrific violence, and increasing inequality/poverty/commodification, resulting in stunted lives for billions of human beings. These and other key current issues have their origins in the vast power exercised by a ruling capitalist class that cares mainly about its own wealth, well being and control. The converse of this is the fact that ordinary citizens have virtually no influence over what this power structure, including the U.S. government, does. In short, the notion of “democracy” in the U.S. is largely a myth.

To overcome the crisis we face we need a new, democratic, egalitarian, and local community based economy and society to replace the root of the problem: grow or die capitalism. We live on a finite planet, so infinite growth is impossible, yet the endless accumulation of wealth, possessions and power for the few is the essence of the existing system. I want to help create a fully democratic alternative to capitalist class rule, one focused on ecological sanity and full human development. A system dedicated to the restoration of a human impacted nature, along with peace, equality, solidarity, direct participatory democracy, and social justice as central values in confronting this crisis and promoting our community’s common struggles. We need united people’s movements, working together in an epic fight to transform our nation and the world into a fully democratic economy and society that is both ecological and socialist. My research and writings reflect these themes, ethics, and ideas.

This website is where you can find information about me and my writings, with a special focus on my most recent book, Wall Street’s Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics 1976-2014 (Monthly Review Press 2015). More information about the Council (under the titles “CFR Watch,” and “Blog”) is also presented here, consisting of both updates as well as data/analysis too detailed to be included in the book.

In addition, there is my biography, information about four other books I have written, as well as copies of three ecosocialist manifestos. These outlines of alternatives to existing capitalist economy and society are important to study and widely discuss and debate as a way of expanding our common collective consciousness about ecological/social justice alternatives to current power relations and capitalist ecocide.

Laurence Shoup