WSTT Extras: Additional Media and the CFR

Chapter 3 of Wall Street’s Think Tank covers the connections between a number of key media and the CFR. Here we add to the picture by listing some additional media and their level of interlocks with the Council. This is by no means a definitive listing, and as more research and analysis is completed, there will be additional posts on this topic.

ABC — Owned by The Walt Disney Company, American Broadcasting Company has a number of connections to the CFR. Its president from 1997-2010 was CFR member David Westin. Three out of Disney’s ten directors are also in the Council (John S. Chen, Monica C. Lozano and Sheryl K. Sandberg). Leading ABC news correspondents Barbara Walters, George Stephanopoulos, Jonathan Karl, and Diane Sawyer all CFR members, and Sawyer is a former CFR director.

Public Broadcasting System — Jim Lehrer, the longtime anchor of the PBS Newshour, is a CFR member, as are correspondents Judy C. Woodruff and Margaret G. Warner. Warner became a director of the Council in 2012.

Time Warner/CNN — Time Warner owns Time Magazine as well as CNN through its ownership of Turner Broadcasting. Jeffrey Bewkes, the chair and CEO of Time Warner is a former director of the CFR as are two other Time Warner directors, Frank J. Caufield and Jessica P. Einhorn. One of CNN’s programs, GPS with Fareed Zakaria, stars this current Council director.

NBC — General Electric Company owns this network, and, as we learned above, GE closely interlocked with the CFR. In addition, Steven Capus, the President of NBC News, is a Council member, and leading correspondents past and present such as Tom Brokaw, a current CFR director, and Brian D. Williams and Marvin Kalb, are Council members.

CBS — Three of the 14 members of the CBS board of directors are CFR members, including William S. Cohen, a former Council director. The other two CFR members are Joseph A. Califano Jr., a former cabinet secretary and Linda M. Griego. Several of the leading correspondents of CBS, past and present, are also in the CFR. These include Bob Schieffer, Leslie R. Stahl, Charlie Rose and former Evening News anchors Dan Rather and Katherine A. Couric.

The Nation Magazine — Self described as “the flagship of the left,” The Nation is the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the U.S., and has a long and outstanding history for supporting progressive causes, dating back to its founding by abolitionists in 1865. Editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel is a CFR member, as is her father William, and her husband, Princeton Professor Steven F. Cohen. Two other members of the editorial board (Richard Falk and Francis FitzGerald) are also in the Council. Unfortunately, The Nation has a long and continuing history of supporting the Democratic Party, a pro-capitalist and pro-imperialist party partly financed by Wall Street and closely connected to the CFR. While admitting “disappointments” with President Obama’s clearly pro-capitalist class and pro-imperialistic policies as President, in a late 2011 “Open Forum” article for example, vanden Heuvel nevertheless argues that he is a “reform president domestically,” suggesting that people should support Obama and his party (San Francisco Chronicle November 28, 2011). This, in turn, indicates that one of the functions of this supposed “flagship of the left” with its connections to the CFR, is to guide rank and file working people into support for the Democratic Party’s “left” wing which is, in reality, no left at all. Prevention of the development of a real, revolutionary left is a more accurate description of the practice of this magazine and its leadership, which also includes Tom Hayden and Barbara Ehrenreich, both strong Obama supporters in 2008.

BloombergA news service that delivers business and financial information and analysis worldwide, Bloomberg was founded in the 1980’s by CFR member Michael Bloomberg, who reportedly still owns 88% of the company. Daniel L. Doctoroff, The CEO of Bloomberg, and Matthew A. Winkler, the editor-in-chief are also Council members.